Understanding the Properties of Certain Materials and How They Burn
Burn Cell Construction in Budapest, Hungary
Providing Fire Investigation Instruction at the International Law Enforcement Academy (Budapest, Hungary)
Documenting a Large Loss Manufacturing Fire in Houston, Texas
Understanding Fire Dynamics and Testing of Hypotheses

Our Operations

Vergon and Associates is principally operated by Mike Vergon, a retired ATF Special Agent/Certified Fire Investigator (CFI) and member of ATF's prestigious and world renowned National Response Team (NRT).

Investigators located in northern, central, and southern Indiana.


Region of Operation

Vergon and Associates is based in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. We are currently licensed in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

For references in states in which we are currently not licensed, please contact us regarding a nationwide network of experts, who are among the most highly trained and skilled origin and cause investigators in the world.

Services Offered

  • Fire and Explosion investigation / Origin and Cause
  • Subrogation / Liability
  • Consultation with Insurance Companies / Law Firms
  • Expert Witness Services and Trial Preparation
  • Presentation and Training
  • Accelerant and electronic detection K-9 Services

Our Commitment

We provide expert and quality services, with an emphasis on integrity of service, and timely and clear communication with our clients.

Know Your Expert

Do you require expertise regarding a small or large fire scene, residential or commercial, or at an explosion or post-blast scene? Whether it is expertise required at any of these types of scenes, or whether it is consultation or an opinion required regarding ongoing investigation or litigation, Vergon and Associates can provide our clients with the kind of expertise that comes from years of training and experience gained from working with the world's foremost experts in origin and cause, fire science and fire protection engineering, electrical engineering, and chemistry.

Expertise in Fire & Explosion Investigation

  • Training at the ATF National Academy and the ATF Fire Research Laboratory
  • Training at the National Fire Academy
  • Training at TEEX (Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service)
  • Education at the University of Maryland Fire Protection Engineering Department
  • Attendance at multiple IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators) conferences throughout the United States
  • Over 2 decades as an accomplished investigator
  • Numerous awards and commendations
  • Established track record