Vergon and Associates is owned and operated by Mike Vergon, a retired ATF Special Agent / Certified Fire Investigator, and a former member of ATF’s prestigious National Response team. He has worked some of the largest and most complex scenes and investigations in the United States and his experience has included the investigation of multi-million dollar loss structure fires/explosions, fatality fires, multi-defendant arson-for-profit cases, serial arsonists and bombers. We offer a wide range of services, which you can view by clicking here, or scrolling below.

We are currently licensed in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky, with investigators located in northern, central, and southern Indiana.

Expert and quality services with an emphasis on integrity, and timely and clear communication with our clients.



Vergon and Associates offers a particular expertise in the ability to process, analyze and organize data in any investigation or case file. We can then assist you in determining the viability of a case based upon proven scientific analysis and experience, and can assist in determining what steps may yet need to be taken to bring the case to a successful conclusion


Our clients depend on experts who understand the science of fire, and how building construction, ventilation, fuel load and configuration, and fire fighting tactics can affect fire development and progression.

Vergon and Associates has the capability to explain what happened in a common sense, non-technical manner.


Experience and professionalism in a courtroom or in any legal proceeding is essential, and Vergon and Associates offers  years of experience in working with attorneys and preparing for and testifying in Federal and State court proceedings with great success.

Whether it is expertise needed regarding a small or large fire scene, residential or commercial, or at an explosion or post-blast scene; or whether it is expert consultation or an opinion required regarding ongoing investigation or litigation, Vergon and Associates can provide our clients with the kind of expertise that comes from years of training and experience gained from working with the world’s foremost experts in fire science and fire protection engineering, electrical engineering, and chemistry.


Vergon and Associates also offers training and presentations as requested. Contact us to find out more.


Michael A. Vergon, IAAI-CFI

Mike was an ATF Special Agent for nearly 24 years, beginning his career with ATF, in Miami, Florida in 1989, and retiring in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 31, 2012. Mike spent the last 15 and a half years of his career as a Special Agent Certified Fire Investigator with ATF, and was also a member of ATF’s National Response Team. He now owns and operates Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation, LLC. based in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, specializing in fire and explosion scene investigation, consulting, and training and presentation.

His experience has included the investigation of numerous large, multi-million dollar loss and fire fatality scenes, investigation of complex, multi-defendant arson-for-profit cases, and the investigation of serial arsonists and bombers. Mike was also a regular instructor at the ATF National Academy, has instructed at the National Fire Academy, and has instructed at the International Law Enforcement Academy, in Budapest, Hungary. He is also twice past president of the Indiana chapter of IAAI, currently serves on the Indiana State chapter board of NSPII, and is an instructor at the IAAI Complex Arson Investigation School for the insurance industry. He has provided numerous presentations to various public and private organizations, nationally and internationally.

To contact Mike, or to request a copy of his Curriculum Vitae, click here.


      • 2003 – City of Terre Haute Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year
      • 2006/2014 NSPII Investigator of the Year Award (Indiana Chapter, National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators)
      • 2009 IASIU (National) Public Service Award
        (International Association of Special Investigations Units)
      • 2010 ATF Distinguished Service Medal
      • 2012 State of Indiana, State Fire Marshal’s Meritorious Service Award


          • Member since 1997 of the International Association of Arson Investigators
            (IAAI CFI obtained August 2011; Certificate #14-082131)
          • Past President of Indiana Chapter of IAAI (2003 and 2008/9)
          • Founding member and past president of Indiana Fire Investigations Seminar
          • National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators
          • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


Tom Rotering, IAAI-CFI, CFEI

Tom Rotering is an IAAI-CFI, a CFEI, and has been a Ft. Wayne Fire Department investigator,since 1999. He has also worked conducting origin and cause investigations in the private sector since 2007. Tom has investigated the origin and cause of approximately 1200 fires and explosions and his expertise includes the investigation of electrical fires, vehicular fires, large multi-use vehicular fires; and marine vessel fires. He has provided technical expertise and litigation support for numerous major insurance carriers and attorneys throughout the U.S., and has testified as an expert witness in State and Federal court in both civil and criminal matters. To contact Tom, or to request a copy of his Curriculum Vitae, click here.


      • Hazardous Materials Operations
      • Hazardous Materials Technician
      • Incident command/National Fire Academy
      • Master Firefighter Strategy/Tactics
      • Master Firefighter Fire/Arson Investigation
      • Emergency Response to Terrorism
      • Vehicle Fire Investigation
      • NFPA Investigator I
      • Interviewing/Fire Scene
      • Vehicle Fire Investigation
      • Advanced Reid Interview
      • Arson for Profit
      • Complex Fire Scene Analysis
      • Juvenile Firesetters/Interviewing
      • Forensic Child Death and Injury Investigation
      • Residential Electricity for Fire Investigators
      • Indiana Fire Investigation Conference (2012 and 2013)

Richard C. Howard, IAAI-CFI, CFEI

Rich has been in involved in the fire service since 1989, and has been involved in fire investigations since 2003. He currently serves as Chief Investigator/K-9 Handler for the Evansville Fire Department, in Evansville, Indiana. Rich has been qualified as an expert witness and has testified as such in over a dozen State and Federal court proceedings. He also has prior experience in the private sector, and has an expertise in farm equipment and machinery. His training and experience is extensive. To contact Richard, or to request a copy of his Curriculum Vitae, click here.


      • Firefighter since 1989
      • CFEI, since 2001
      • IAAI CFI, since 2006
      • National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications, Certified Fire Investigator NFPA 1033-1998 (Pro-Board Certified) March 22, 2006
      • Fire and Arson Investigation, National Fire Academy, April 30, 2007
      • Hazardous Materials Technician
      • Attendance at numerous IAAI conferences
      • Advanced Interviewing
      • Electrical Fire Investigation
      • Certified Fire Investigation Instructor


        • National Association of Fire Investigators
        • International Association of Arson Investigators
        • International Association of Firefighters

Robert Wirey, IAAI-CFI, CFEI

Robert has been involved in the fire service, since 1988, and has been involved in fire investigation, since 1994. Robert currently serves as Deputy Chief of Operations and as Chief Investigator for the Lebanon Fire Department in Lebanon, Indiana and also leads a countywide fire investigation task force. Robert has an extensive background as an electrician, with twelve years experience as an electrical contractor, conducting electrical service calls and wiring new residential properties and light commercial projects. To contact Robert, or to request a copy of his Curriculum Vitae, click here.


      • Firefighter since 1988
      • Fire Investigator Certification, National Fire Academy, 1994
      • Indiana State Master Fire Inspector, 1995
      • Indiana Master Strategy and Tactics Certification
      • NFPA Hazmat Operations Certification
      • NFPA Instructor Certification
      • Electrical Fire Investigation
      • Interviewing
      • Attendance at IAAI conferences and numerous fire investigation related courses
      • Certified Fire Investigation Instructor


        • National Association of Fire Investigators
        • International Association of Fire Investigators
        • Indiana Fire Chiefs Association
        • Indiana Instructors Association
        • Re-write Committee for Indiana Investigator Certification Program


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