Mike was an ATF Special Agent for nearly 24 years, beginning his career with ATF in 1989, and retiring in Indianapolis, Indiana, on October 31, 2012. Prior to transferring to Indianapolis, Mike served in Washington, DC, at ATF Headquarters. In his position there, he was responsible for development and application of training, and implementation of a program in which he responded to any large scale, major case incident (arson, explosion, bombing, other) in the U.S., leading a team of agents, analysts and data input personnel to establish and coordinate lead control and lead development in each respective high profile investigation.

Mike was later accepted into the ATF Certified Fire Investigator Program and served as an ATF CFI and as a member of ATF’s National Response Team. As a CFI for ATF, he had an expertise in the origin and cause investigation of fires and explosions, and had a primary responsibility to assist any local, State, or Federal agency that needed assistance with any origin and cause or arson investigation (large or small). In doing this, Mike has also had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with many insurance and law firm representatives throughout his career and has successfully assisted the insurance industry in numerous cases.

In addition, Mike has worked some of the largest and most complex scenes and investigations in the United States and his experience has included the investigation of numerous large, multi-million dollar loss and fire fatality scenes, investigation of complex, multi-defendant arson-for-profit cases, investigation of serial arsonists and bombers, and the interviewing of thousands of witnesses, including suspects, defendants and serial arsonists.

Mike was also a regular instructor at the ATF National Academy (teaching fire investigation) , has instructed at the National Fire Academy, at the International Law Enforcement Academy, in Budapest, Hungary, and he has provided numerous presentations to various public and private organizations.




  • 2003 - City of Terre Haute Law Enforcement Investigator of the Year
  • 2006/2014 NSPII Investigator of the Year Award (Indiana Chapter,
    (National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators)
  • 2009 IASIU (National) Public Service Award
    (International Association of Special Investigations Units)
  • 2010 ATF Distinguished Service Medal
  • 2012 State of Indiana, State Fire Marshal's Meritorious Service Award



  • Member since 1997 of the International Association of Arson Investigators
    (IAAI CFI obtained August 2011; Certificate #14-082131)
  • Past President of Indiana Chapter of IAAI; (2003 and 2008/9)
  • Founding member and past president of Indiana Fire Investigations Seminar
  • Former associate member International Association of Special Investigations Units
    (IASIU); Ended with retirement from ATF
  • Board Member; National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators
    (NSPII, Indiana Chapter)
  • Member National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)