Case File and Report Review

Vergon and Associates offers a particular expertise in the ability to process and organize data in an investigation in order make an honest assessment regarding the viability of that case and to possibly generate additional lead information that has not yet been realized. Mike's expertise in this area was utilized in numerous high profile investigations throughout the United States.





Origin and Cause (Understanding the Science of Fire)

Our clients depend on experts who understand the science of fire, and how building construction, ventilation, fuel load and configuration, and fire fighting tactics can affect fire development and progression. Our clients also require an expert who is also capable of applying this knowledge and then utilizing the scientific method of investigation to successfully conduct a proper origin and cause investigation.

Vergon and Associates has this type of training and experience and also has the capability to then explain what happened in a common sense, non-technical manner.

Expert Witness Testimony and Consulting

Experience and professionalism in a courtroom or in any legal proceeding is also essential to our clients, and Vergon and Associates offers many years of experience in working with attorneys and preparing for and testifying in Federal and State court proceedings with great success.

Whether it is expertise needed regarding a small or large fire scene, residential or commercial, or at an explosion or post-blast scene; or whether it is expert consultation or an opinion required regarding ongoing investigation or litigation, Vergon and Associates can provide our clients with the kind of expertise that comes from years of training and experience gained from working with the world's foremost experts in fire science and fire protection engineering, electrical engineering, and chemistry.

Training and Presentation

Vergon and Associates also offers training and presentations as requested.