Origin & Cause

Understanding the science of fire should be the most basic part of what any client expects in our profession. Our clients depend on experts who understand how things such as building construction, ventilation, fuel load and configuration, and firefighting tactics can affect fire development and progression. Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation has the capability to explain what happened in a common sense, non-technical manner. Our clients know this is who we are, and they know this is what we do on a consistent basis.

  • We are FAA Certified to deploy UAV’s (drones), allowing us to provide high-resolution aerial photographs of the fire scene.
  • We use the Matterport Camera system, which provides virtual reality fire scene walkthroughs.
Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation, LLC
Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation, LLC


If there is a potential to recover damages in a fire or explosion case, our clients rely on us to know what is expected of us as origin and cause investigators. From gathering the necessary data, to assessing and processing the scene and collecting items of potential evidentiary value, to conducting critical origin and cause related interviews, to working and consulting with other experts, to putting all pieces of the puzzle together and then to possibly testifying as expert witnesses, our clients have come to appreciate the level of experience that our investigators have successfully provided.

Case File & Report Review

Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation offers expertise in processing, analyzing, and organizing data in any investigation or case file. We can assist you in determining the viability of a case based on proven scientific analysis and experience. We also assist in determining steps that may need to be taken to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation, LLC

Fire Investigation Training & Presentation

Vergon and Associates Fire Investigation offers training and presentation to the insurance industry and law groups associated with the insurance industry.